A department is usually understood to be a singular portion of a larger organisation. In the school, there are Seven departments headed by HODs. There is the Mathematics Department, Science Department, Languages Department, Technical Department, Humanities Department, Guidance and Counselling, Co-curricular Department. Below are some of the reports from the various departments..

Mrs. Esther Agumba - Guidance and Counselling.

Guidance and counselling is a very important intervention in a school setting. School counselling puts emphasis upon the counselling relationship as the fundamental factor for change. This approach is in line with the educational trends of creating the learner as an individual who is unique and of intrinsic value and dignity.

  • Guidance and Counselling.

    The secondary school level is an important preparatory ground of the human resource in the development of the nation. It is at this level that the relevant knowledge, skills and attitudes that make responsible adults are instilled. However, it is also at this stage that the learners face various challenges emanating from family background, adolescent related, social, economic and political problems.

    In order to deal with these challenges, we have formed a students peer counseling club. This is because peer counseling is an important tool for students seeking and giving help. Although the counselor is at a different level, he can realize his own problems through helping others. This is because counseling is not about giving mercy advice but rather finding solutions together and as we all know, (A problem shared is a problem half solved.) We also believe that even counselors needs counselors. This means that we all learn from each other.

    Faced with the many challenges, we encourage our students to constantly consult their teachers and parents in order to make responsible decisions. In view of the new trends and developments in students discipline, there is need to strengthen the guidance and counseling department through continuous capability building in order to achieve the overall objectives and goals.

  • Science Department

    We have three subjects under this department, namely Physics, Biology and Chemistry.

    The performance in sciences in the School is average compared to other subjects. Last Year (2019) Physics was ranked Number one, followed by Biology and finally Chemistry. The members of the department are working together for the improvement of the subjects mean.

Mr. Alphonce Odongo - HOD Science