A department is usually understood to be a singular portion of a larger organisation. In the school, there are Seven departments headed by HODs. There is the Mathematics Department, Science Department, Languages Department, Technical Department, Humanities Department, Guidance and Counselling, Co-curricular Department. Below are some of the reports from the various departments..

Mr. Lawrence Okayo - HOD Languages

  • Language Department

    Language department holds a very vital and most essential position in the school. This department is composed of English as a language.

    English is a pillar through which academic house is built. It is also the backbone of every other subject being the language of instruction of all the subjects offered in the schools, with only Kiswahili as an exceptional. The subject is very essential in the lives of students it being language of instruction students are therefore argued to develop a reading culture and always communicate in English.

    I am glad to note that the spirit of oneness is our endeavors and this has culminated to much success and improvement in this department

  • Mathematics Department

    For a long time St Pius School has not performed well in mathematics as expected by the society, community and stakeholders.

    This has been due to a number of reasons that could not be addressed for a long time. However, days and time has changed just like policies in Mathematics department has changed. Days when students at St Pius used to say that mathematics is hard dull and boring are now far gone. The song is now forgotten and a new song is you sit down and read, do and pass well in mathematics or transfer to another school. This has played a big role in changing the performance of the subject in the school. Mathematics is a vital subject to any career opportunity.

Mrs. Juliet Achar - HOD Mathematics